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Office Party Chapters 1 and 2

July 7, 2016
Posted at 10:43 pm

I have completely rewritten this short story of two chapters and had it edited.

Chapter 1
Before marrying Phil Comstock, Merrie was thrilled with the way he made love to her. After marriage though, He totally neglected her. When she accused him of having an affair he suggested that they see a marriage counselor. When the counselor told Phil that he was afflicted with the "Madonna/Whore complex," Phil rejected his assessment and continued neglecting Merrie's sexual needs. When Merrie found a Polaroid of Phil participating in a gangbang she sued for divorce. After working with an ad agency for a while she became involved with four of her male co-workers. One night during drinks she told them of the Polaroid, that she still had it and had a fantasy to be involved in sex with a number of men at the same time...

Chapter 2

Merrie Comstock falls in love with Tony Rizzo. She gets her wish, to have sex with each of her male bossed-and then some! Getting carried away she retaliates against her husband but it backfires and she is blackmailed by him to become involved with his peculiar form of group sex, which includes her little sister. When she tells Tony he enlists his Uncle Vinnie who puts an end to his penchant for blackmailing.