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It is very Fortunate...

July 3, 2016
Posted at 11:48 am

That I had a full Saturday to write from nearly dawn until the wee hours of this morning, with virtually no interruptions. Except for dinner and watching the awful, no good, bad Batman vs Superman movie. That was three hours of my life that I'll want back someday!

Anyway, it has been a crazy productive week for me, writing more in the last week or so than I'd accomplished in most of the last year!

~ Four chapters to finish 'Murder by the Numbers'
~ A new chapter for 'I'm Going to Make it All the Way', which is now off at editing for posting next week.
~ A new LONG 'Once Upon a Time' Fairy Tale called 'The Fortunate Tailor', posted on SOL this morning. I could/should have busted the story up into two long full chapters... but I didn't. It's there as one long tale.
~ One page (alas not one full chapter yet) of the next Arc Deco chapter. Expect more progress on that next week.
~ Another odd page + twenty odd pages of story notes for a new YA story thats burning into my frontal lobe.
~ A few notes added to my outline for the forthcoming 'Under a Baleful Sky' chapter too.

Not bad for about ten days of work! Probably a record for me that I'll never repeat ever again, alas. Also my offsite Story Blog has been updated finally (mostly just the front page). It's at:

Today I'll tinker with Arc Deco... unless I get wrapped up in Campaign Cartographer 3+, working on a few maps for future stories.