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Logan and Alex

June 29, 2016
Posted at 11:22 am

"Logan and Alex" is my third story featuring a trans woman. I wanted to explore having a trans character who was absolutely secure in her self and her sexuality falling in love with a straight man, and his journey of discovery.

As I was finishing this story, the Orlando shootings occurred. I've tried to make a facet of this story a modest paeon for the LGBT community.

Our daughter is the director of collections for the Orange County History Center in Orlando, and she lives blocks away from the Pulse club. For the past week she and her colleagues have been collecting artifacts from the shooting and from the memorials for the victims, in order to preserve them in the museum's collection. (Representatives from the Smithsonian, Stonewall and other museums are also hunting for artifacts.)

This event has impacted her in a very direct way; and through her, us. --D