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"The Drifter"

June 28, 2016
Posted at 8:55 pm

Beginning tomorrow, June 29, I will change my posting
schedule. I'll start posting a chapter every three days
until the remaining twelve chapters have been posted.

The last two chapters - Chapter 17 & Chapter 18 - will be
much longer chapters, as the tale of "The Drifter" comes
to an end and the restless wind is only a whisper in his

To those of you who have bailed on the tale of "The Drifter"
all I can say bout'che is, you've cut off the trail too soon.

To those who choose to ride along with "The Drifter" until
the end of the trail, all I can say is, cinch that saddle up
tight and hang onto your saddlehorn... you have thousands
of miles yet to ride...