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That Screaming Sound Was the Plot Being Defenestrated

June 27, 2016
Posted at 2:54 am

So, 11,000 words and 23 pages later, the entirely wrong couple ended up having sex, and as a result one character is now three different characters. This isn't a bad thing, mind you, just one of the joys of letting the characters do all the hard work of running the world for you.

That said, it is now 2:48 AM, the last bit off caffeine has worked its way out of my system, and my computer screen is rapidly become more blurry than my exhaustion fogged mind's ability to come up with a good way of finishing this analogy. Chapter 4 of Paradise In A Name will be up either later Monday or really early Tuesday depending on when I can get the editing done.

Oh, and if anyone wants to check out mediocre 3d art from my various stories, feel free to look here:

That particular shot is Parisa and David from Chapter 3. There may be one from chapter 4 going up about the same time as the chapter, depending on if/when I wake up in the morning.