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This is it.

June 20, 2016
Posted at 3:17 am

I can hardly believe that after two years and two months, Living Next Door to Heaven is concluding. Except for part VIII, "Becoming the Storm," which I had to switch to a chapter every four days to ensure the story continued uninterrupted, LNDtH has posted every three days since 24 April 2014. I am unlikely to post another tome so massive. But you never can tell.

On the other hand, I have a new story in the hands of my editors that I think we'll start posting around mid-July or at the end of July at the latest. I'm deep in writing a new piece that I think will surprise everyone, and I have a couple new projects on the boards that I've barely begun. How about a post-apocalyptic story since I've destroyed nearly every other genre? Could be--with my own sick twist.

As well as ending the story, I am leaving on the last leg of my round-the-world journey today. I fly from Amsterdam to Iceland for summer solstice today, and then on to the USA on Thursday. I kind of wish you guys had all taken better care of the country while I was gone! ;)

So, which is it to be? Drugged, raped, potentially pregnant and diseased with naked pictures posted to shame you? Or certain death in a fiery collapse? That's what Joanne had to struggle with. Looks like it might be the choice we all have in America this fall as well. I'm thinking my little trailer home in a nudist park in the desert is looking better and better.

Well, enjoy the longest day. I note that in Reykjavik there is a little more than 21 hours of daylight today and you go directly from dusk to dawn. I love the weather forecast for this rainy day. It says that from 9:00 p.m. until midnight, it should be partly sunny! I don't really plan to sleep tonight.