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Thank you, Robert Lubrican (AKA Beating Off Bob)

June 13, 2016
Posted at 3:38 pm
Updated: June 14, 2016 - 12:10 am

I couldn't figure out why my story, Family Pool Party, keeps getting so many downloads or at least hits. It's a good story, sure, but there wasn't anything obvious about why people would find it over almost any other story of mine.

Until I realized the obvious: When Lubrican wrote his own Family Pool Party he was kind enough to mention that my story inspired his, and to include a link to mine.

So the moral to this story is obvious: If you want more exposure for your own writing, find some way to associate yourself with a strong, widely read and prolific author. That's the story of my "Family Pool Party" success.

And if you've been under a rock and haven't seen any of Bob's work, your're missing a treat. Start now. He's written a boatload of stuff, so you'd best get going as soon as you can.

Very belatedly but not too late I hope, thank you, Robert.