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Dealing with 9/11

June 12, 2016
Posted at 2:42 am

In all of my past stories, and as far as I can tell my future stories, I have avoided anything but a passing mention of 9/11. But in LNDtH, I must face it head-on. I am deeply sorry for those for whom this is a trigger as it is for me. It was as difficult for me to write as for many of you to read.

And it is not over. For many of us, the event was not as devastating as the aftermath. How many did we send to the sand to die or be crippled for our revenge? How many did we kill? And has it done anything to heal our wounds? Has it been enough?

In the final chapters of LNDtH, Brian, Joanne, Whitney, and all the clan have to deal with the aftermath. And whether or not it would have been kinder if Heaven had died that day.

I can only promise a happy ending. I can't promise a happy getting there.