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"Off The Deep End" Status

June 10, 2016
Posted at 4:23 pm

Thanks for the kind words and patience. It has been a while (6 and a bit weeks!) since the last update. Since then a few things have happened, the most prominent being detailed in my last blog post.

And yes, I'm angry about that but for want of giving too many details away, there is a certain sadness in realising that there are young people who feel that the results of such damaging and dangerous behaviour are preferable to being sober and aware of the desperate and horrible situation in which they find themselves daily

Abyway, having a braced wrist as a result of those shenanigans (the result of having a door slammed on my arm by one of the youngsters) but still having a demanding day job (and it's about to be finals, so hitting a peak period of definitely not-recreational reading and writing) means that if I choose between effectively meeting my obligations (what pays the mortgage and provides for my family) or working at my aspirations (getting enough skill and confidence at this writing thing so maybe I could try transitioning to it from my job)... Well, at my house we like to eat regularly so the choice is obvious.

OTDE will be finished in the next few months. The story is probably 1/2 way through. I have the whole thing plotted, but need the time to write. Silly season should be over in two weeks, final scans in three weeks and if the ortho is happy, regular typing can resume then.

I give you something to look forward to: James meets Nao's dad!