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I thought it was time for a update... Writer's block

June 9, 2016
Posted at 10:44 am
Updated: June 9, 2016 - 4:04 pm

For the last few years I have been struggling with writing. I have a lot of stories started, but just find it very hard to progress very far with them. The furthest I have got is to around 50,000 words on a couple of stories, but they are still no where near finished. Most stories I only get a few chapters wrote before I hit a block or need to make a change and have to start from the beginning. During the last few my life has changed a lot in unexpected ways, so I expect this is a large part to do with why I can't get any serious writing done.

I still hope one day to finish Prison ship, however I expect that will be a rewrite. As one of the problems I had with continuing with that story, was the last chapter that I posted had been added due to a lot of people saying the story was too slow. I had quite a few more chapters wrote, but they were all slow paced. So due to the feedback that I was getting, I decided to try to add some action. However that meant a lot of the chapters I had wrote, no longer fitted with the story direction. I just was never happy with the direction that chapter 5 was taking the story.

There is another story that I also would like to rewrite. I wrote it over 10 years ago, and think it is one of the better stories that I have wrote. However there is also a lot I would like to change and improve in it. So I'm thinking it might be a good project to work on, to help get myself back into writing. As the story line is all plotted out and it would mostly be a case of rewriting the chapters and improving things.

My other option is to try posting one or two of the stories that I have started, and hope getting feedback will encourage myself to continue with them. However I really don't like the idea of posting further stories unless I think I am likely to finish them.

The last idea I had was to post either a chapter or the outline from a few stories on this blog and then see which one gets the most interest.

So the basic message of this blog post, is that I'm still alive and still writing. But just not getting anything wrote that I could publish on here. I hope that will change one day.

Edit: After writing this blog and reading a couple of emails sent in feedback, I had decided to focus on getting "The Slave Girl, the Geek Boy and the Body Snatcher" finished and posted for now. It is quite a short story and I had basically finished it before I started posting it. However after rereading it, I wasn't as happy with it. So I've started to rewrite the chapters that I didn't post and plan to post it once I have finished the rewrite. So hopefully in the next few weeks I will have something to post. It is going to end up longer than the original version, but I still hope to keep it to around ten chapters or less. At least if I get that finished, I will only have one unfinished story posted on here.