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Casey Andrews

June 6, 2016
Posted at 12:42 pm

Casey Andrews.

I revisited Casey (Cocktails and Combat) because I like the character - - gutsy, ribald, sex-loving. The fact that I modeled her physical appearance after my own added to my appreciation for Casey.

She started out as a cocktail waitress, who along with her 14-year old son, Corey, moved from town to town. Perpetually in search of that elusive pot of gold.

Today finds her living in NYC and married to Sully. Old money. Eastern Seaboard money.

Casey's son, Corey, has matured both physically and emotionally.

And Casey has a new love interest - - the equally gorgeous Shelly.

Thanks to her new family's connections, Casey was able to get her high school diploma and actually enroll in NYU. I'm not sure what lays in store for this childlike woman, but it promises to be an interesting trip.

Keep it up!