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Race against time

June 3, 2016
Posted at 9:29 pm

Cheers all,
I finished my last day of class today and on Monday I will be awarded my second masters in Military Operational Art and Science. Now I have one month until I start my PhD program to finish Pantheon 2... the Unnamed Story! Wish me luck as I battle the Fatigue Monster and the Morass of Vacation in Alaska.
Ok, in all seriousness I'm trying to get enough chapters written before 01 Jul so I can slow roll my chapters once I start school.
"But PuffD," you say, "School doesn't start until the 7th."
"Yes my dears, but I'm having shoulder surgery on the first and will be drugged to the mother fuckin' teeth," I tell you.
Here's hoping I can get this story to a publishable level by surgery day!
Also, if you're wondering: it's a truly horrible thing to be badly injured far, far from a level one trauma facility. Had I been closer, and seen a real doctor (I still love you corpsman!) sooner, I might not be having surgery this summer. That being said, we've come a long mother fuckin' way since Desert Storm!