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May 30, 2016
Posted at 7:32 pm

You idiot! Figment said.

I didn't know.

Why did you keep going? she said.

I thought I was Okay.

You coulda asked. she said.


Apple! she yelled.

Calling Apple is a pain in the ass.

Calling Apple Support is a bigger pain in the ass than sitting in the Genius Bar watching some 16 year old kid reinstalling your operating system? Figgy said.

Well…he fixed all the other problems, too.


So? I didn't have anything else to do.

Mark did! Figment said. Instead you kept him sitting bored to death watching paint dry.

It wasn't that bad.

Three HOURS. Paint dries faster than that.

I got all the Apple operating systems installed too.

You got?

Tyler did it. Besides, remember the last time I tried to follow instructions?

Yeah! You had to sleep in the car waiting for daylight so you could take the ferry across the Mississippi.

Not that time!

When? The time it took two days to find the road in Wyoming?


David! You could hear the cars!

I got confused in the fog.