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May 18, 2016
Posted at 3:04 pm

Update on All American Boy, and Me

My last chapter (83) was posted on 4-27.
I wanted to post an update to let my readers
know that I'm still here and that my Story
Telling has resumed.

I was away from home for over a week and when
I returned, I decided that instead of posting
a couple of shorter chapters to catch up, I
would finish Part 2 of All American Boy, before
posting again.

I am nearing the end of Part 2, and there will
be a really long chapter (84) posted soon, which
I hope will appease those who have written and
asked about this current Tall Tale of mine.

Since each of my Tall Tales have been told without
an actual ending, it has always been hard for me
to find a 'stopping place' on my longer Tales.
Especially a 'stopping place' for a 'Part', on one of
my longer Tales.

During the late fall months of 2015, and the cold
winter months that followed, I made progress on
three more Tall Tales which I hope to begin posting
within the coming weeks. These too will be longer
Tales as I am NOT good at telling a Short Tale.

According to some of the votes, my longer, Tall Tales
fit that category also!

Now, about the new Tall Tales which are approaching
a 'stopping place'

These may or may not be posted in this order,
but here are the titles in alphabetical order:

"(THE) DRIFTER" - Yet another western -

"SHOCKWAVE" - Sci-Fi - Yes Sir, man can fly - faster than a speeding bullet -

"YUMA" - A turn of the century Tale of when times were bad and men had to be -

- Teller of Tall Tales -