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Grace and Owen, Chapters 9 & 10

May 13, 2016
Posted at 5:44 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

The final chapters of Grace and Owen open with Grace, Owen and Joe going to buy a buggy for transportation. They also have other shopping to do before returning to the house on Plantation Lane.

At the house, they are surprised when they check the upstairs. Later they check the remainder of the house and have a meal.

On returning to their hotel room, there are lists of things to be made out and then a late supper. In the morning, they check out to the hotel, but Grace isn't happy with Joe's ragged clothing and insists that he needs new clothes, which she takes him to get in addition to new boots.

Back at the house, Joe sees the new blacksmith shop, and Grace has a problem with the stove. Later the new supplies arrive. Later that day they realize that there is more to be done for the house, and that more supplies will be needed. Lists are made.

On Sunday, Grace thinks about the O'Connell Sisters and what they must have gone through in their old age living in the house. Sunday is also church, but they don't linger in town as there is still much to do at the house.

Two plus weeks later on the 12th of February, they are visited by Margie K and her Husband, Robert who have much to reveal to them.

These chapters conclude Grace and Owen. Their story will be continued in Magic Ink VII where they will join Clan O'Connell. I am currently writing Magic VII. I'm not sure when it will appear, as I am only part way through it on chapter 9 and have a lot more to cover. I have started the editing on it this week.

Enjoy these chapters. Magic Ink VII will start as soon as I can have it ready.

Keep Well,
uncle jim