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Update - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

May 10, 2016
Posted at 11:53 am

The first complete draft of the sequel to The Times They Are A Changing -- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -- was sent to the Swarm authors for review, comment, and suggestions. This is the start of the process that makes sure we don't tread all over each other - particularly important this time as I've been loaned characters by starfiend and Medik and piggyback on an idea from an upcoming story by Anne N. Mouse.

I promised some of you advanced copies in return for help with earlier stories. I'll send those proof copies once I hear back from interested Swarm authors.

Yesterday, before sending out the draft, I read it start to finish for the first time. I was happy with where it went, and I think you will find it consistent with Times.

Thank you for your continued interest.