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Chapter 381 of Book 3 is in the queue

April 29, 2016
Posted at 2:13 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...When all the bacon bits were gone, he put the little ball of fuzz on the floor. Animated as usual, it ran about until it noticed the wolf lying near Morales' bed. Dashing over, it cheeped at Lobo, then not knowing to be afraid, hopped up on a back leg. The wolf turned his head around some to stare the chick eye to eye, the attention apparently not bothering the yellow ball a bit. Ignoring the rumbling deep inside the large animal, the chick repeatedly tried to scale the mountain that was Lobo's side.

After several unsuccessful attempts, it made a major effort while fluttering its mostly useless wings. After struggling mightily for the last few inches, it achieved the crest of the mountain, much to Lobo's disgruntlement.

The wolf whined and looked at Morales as if to say, "Get this thing off me," but Morales just laughed.

It was obvious that the hen didn't like her offspring sitting on a wolf, but she was too terrified of the huge animal to attempt a rescue of the little explorer. Morales eventually took pity on Lobo when the chick decided to scratch for food in the wolf's hair… atop his head.

Grabbing the errant youngster, he held it up to his face. "Lobo doesn't have fleas," he told the chick before putting it down next to its momma. "You're slipping, Ol' Girl," he said with a chuckle as Gertrude, who was so happy to see her offspring alive, she forgot to peck at Morales' hand.

The chick ran under Momma, but immediately stuck its head back out to stare at Morales...

Have a goodun;