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Whatever Happened to Your Books?

April 28, 2016
Posted at 10:55 am

For anyone wondering what happened to my stories, things have gotten ... interesting lately.

I had big plans this year, with a whole series of stories ready to be released, one after another for quite a while. Alas, the best laid plans ...

A story I'd been planning to release on SOL, got a bad reception from several of my regular fans. Since I'd had issues with the story for some time, I decided it was best to pull the story and not post it to SOL. Since I'd locked myself into a particular delivery schedule (by signing onto a 90-exclusionary period with Amazon) my next story isn't ready to post yet, leaving another lengthy period with any new posts.

On another front, I finally gave up on working with They never resolved any of their outstanding issues with their conversion software, instead blaming author's for non-existent 'conversion errors'. As I result, I told them I would no longer publish any new stories using their services, and they responded by deleting my account and erasing all 13 of my books!

That left me scrambling, trying to shift all my books to a new publishing site. Since there's a major conversion effort for each book, it's difficult just shifting books from one site to another. I've switched to, but so far I only have three books converted to the site. The books are published under my name: Vincent Berg.

Long story made short: it'll be a little longer before I resume publishing new stories on SOL, and my books will be added to lulu over the next several weeks. (All my books remain on Amazon and Createspace, which I've never had any technical issues with.)