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The Times They Are A Changing - Chapter 22 & 23

April 17, 2016
Posted at 11:37 am

I went in and kicked the upload queue, and the final two chapters should appear sometime soon.

You'll get a glimpse of some tactics used to interdict the Swarm now on the ground. Then you'll take a look at the teams first missions back on the ground.

This has been a fun run, and I appreciate your taking the time to vote, and especially to give me direct feedback.

I've noticed that some of you know that you can change your votes, as I see votes disappear from one rating. I can't tell what the change was to, so the comments are especially valuable. (Am I hinting enough? Please tell me!)

I've mentioned the sequel Girls Just Wanna Have Fun which is coming along nicely. I would have said it is nearing completion, but the combination of your thoughts and the fermentation process while it lay resting, is causing new vignettes to bubble up for inclusion.

Again, most important - Thank you for reading!