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Write What I Know: Intimacy without Shame

April 16, 2016
Posted at 11:37 am

You might view a world of sexual openness, where sluts are celebrated as fantastic. From where I write, that aspect of the Light of Passion universe is one of the least fantastic. Certainly, our modern world is not one where many people openly embrace their pleasure with pride, opening to new lovers simply to accept the joy of connection. However, those communities, those spaces, and that freedom does exist here. Conveying the joy and growth found in that openness that people find through open sexual exploration is something I hope to do through this series. I want to show that promiscuity, sluttiness and embracing the taboo can be part of important personal growth. It's not for everyone obviously.
However, I've seen huge joy and growth found by embracing this sort of work. That is what I want to share in the Light of Passion universe. The struggles with embarrassment and willingness to approach setbacks are an important part of open interactions I've seen. So is the healing that can be found through openness and vulnerability. That all can be real, and I hope to do the best job I can of sharing it in a realistic manner.
Obviously, the Light of Passion universe forces its characters to be more open than would ever be healthy here. Similarly, the genre imposes stamina that we would all envy if we found in our work as lovers.
I hope you are able to connect with the joy and growth I work to share.
I've been pleased by the interest "Demon Bride" has received and the feedback I've received based on that. Thanks very much.
Work continues on Lover's Shadow, the first Light of Passion Novel. I'm around 58,000 words in, so almost double where I was at the beginning of march. Considering that I've been changing jobs, finding a new place to live, and dealing with significant personal stress in that time, I'm quite proud of my progress. I've gotten far enough that between "Brook Singing" and the work so far on Shadow, I'm confident that Lover's Shadow can be the next entry in the series. That means that once it's done, I can start posting. That's still likely to be a couple of months out. I'm probably as impatient as my readers: I really look forward to showing you what I've created.
I could detach a couple of scenes (mostly sex scenes probably) and get them out sooner if people express interest. If you'd be interested in that let me know. Also let me know whether I should remove all the spoilers, or leave a few references to parts you haven't seen yet as teasers. Regardless of what I do, I won't spoil any important surprises in the broader story.