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Bit quiet over here, no?

April 16, 2016
Posted at 10:00 am

The short answer would be busy, but then I wouldn't be me ifn I weren't.

The long answer is that I've been doing some work on my world document, and the new improved that will replace the current will be much longer when finished. Also the universe has been renamed to the Gen K universe (I'll adjust it here when I upload the new documents). The big change in the history is when the east-west split occurred, late 1830s now. Remaining research will be in indian lands of the time, and possibly some research on the Civil War in our world.

I might release an easier piece, namely the species and gender page this weekend (mine, Sun-Mon, not yours) while I work on the rest of the history.

Either way, as always world builders and writers welcome, just drop me a line ifn you want to play in it.