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The Times They Are A Changing - Chapter 20 & 21

April 15, 2016
Posted at 4:42 pm

Chapters 20 & 21 are in the queue and should magically appear after 7 PM tonight.

When we last saw Michael his plans to make Carole head bitch were rudely cancelled when she scored a sponsor level CAP. What will they do?

We also see Michael's ladies starting to assert themselves even more, and both Sam and the Confederacy AIs feel they may have been snookered. Oh well.

Folks, the final two chapters will post on Sunday. It has been a fun run, and your feedback has been very helpful.

There was a nice little jump in my score since Tuesday's posting, and I almost regret submitting the two chapters together. I couldn't tell if it was the significant change Michael negotiated in his contract, or his ladies' confrontation with the butter bar that tickled your fancy.

Your thoughts would be appreciated, but it might be good to wait until after tonight's offering, as there is more of the same coming. If you choose to write, and I hope you do, please be specific about what you like and do not. The sequel, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, is well under weigh, and every little bit helps.