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'Off The Deep End' Chapter 8 is finally submitted!

April 11, 2016
Posted at 7:27 am

First update since August last year. Wow.

Thanks again to those who wrote to me sporadically, prompting me to continue. I've written before about how intrusive my day job can be on writing here. This combined with illness, then family stuff, then more work changes, then unavoidable professional commitments, meant that I just couldn't get my arse in the chair and my hands on my own keyboard for a sufficient length of time to do justice to the story of these characters that I love so much.

I do know exactly where the story is going and literally just need enough time to drop into the headspace where I can write out the words so I can edit them for clarity and consistency. Thankfully this looks to be more forthcoming now and I look forward to bringing you the end of the story. I estimate I'm about halfway through the story of James and Nao.

Please do keep the feedback and such coming. Even though it's been almost a year since the last chapter, I feel that I'm still rubbish at writing and I do value your constructive feedback and commentary.

Thank you for your indulgence.