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Sorry for a weak story.

April 11, 2016
Posted at 6:21 am

To whoever may give a crap, I apologize for a weak story.
I have had several concussions in the last year or so.

I don't remember it, but woke up surrounded by the medics; couldn't move my arms. They were asking me if I could tell what day it was, etc. I was told by my partner in ping pong doubles I crashed into a concrete wall, diving for a shot.

I also woke up in the hospital an hour later, realizing there was a blanket over me and they were taking off my clothes. The police report said I was going 65 miles/hour down the highway when another truck tried to cross the highway. The hospital was unable to contact any relatives because I couldn't remember phone numbers. They finally got it through T-Mobile. Four days later, I still couldn't remember my social security number.

I have had trouble with ordinary initiative. I typed up "Decadent Delight" without putting in enough thought. I should have developed the heroine's character more and come up with a more believable coercion or reason for submission.

I guess I just wanted to see another story with my name behind it. I have several others half done; just can't come up with the time.

I've struggled with getting yard ready for summer; raking leaves, getting riding mowers to work; getting another truck; organizing tools in garage, etc. Also went on a diet and have lost 30 pounds. Final Four was a large stumbling block; going to visit others and unable to resist good food.

I also make a pretty good Tea Ring with three pounds of bread dough. Obscene amount of sugar, butter and walnuts.

I'm just trying to get things going again.