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Blocked by Amazon

April 11, 2016
Posted at 1:42 am
Updated: April 11, 2016 - 2:29 am

That's a revolting development. Here I was planning a surprise for my faithful readers with the release of the entire last four volumes of Living Next Door to Heaven, including the current segment, Heaven's Gate. I've been working hard to format and edit these for general release on Kindle for a month and loaded all four of them on Amazon this weekend.

Here's what's strange: Book 6: El Rancho del Corazon, live in two hours. Book 8: Becoming the Storm, live in two hours. Book 9: Heaven's Gate, live in two hours. Notice something missing? This morning I received notice that Book 7: Hearthstone Entertainment had been blocked for content violations and my account was at risk of being closed if other content violations were discovered. Go figure!

The only thing unique about Book 7 that differentiates it from the others, as far as I can tell, is Elaine's monologues. Can't believe they would trip a trigger at Amazon. But, I'm waiting now to see if Amazon will even tell me what triggered the rejection. They tend not to share vital information with publishers. So it is possible that I will take all the Devon Layne books down from Kindle.

If you are interested in acquiring the books from Amazon, please do so soon as I don't know how long they will be there. PLEASE BE WARNED: The release version is significantly edited from the version that appears on SOL. While the story is the same, several important names have been changed and the structure of the book, including chapter breaks and titles, has been altered for easy reading on a Kindle. It will be difficult to switch from SOL to Kindle.

For those who purchase books 6,8, and 9, just let me know and I will send you Book 7 as a .MOBI file that you can read on Kindle for free. Be forewarned, however, that you should back up your eBooks as Amazon has a reputation for snatching canceled content back off people's devices. I'm pretty pissed about this at the moment and am considering several options that will allow me to continue to provide uncensored content to my readers. Unfortunately, since I am currently in Greece and headed to Bulgaria, that might take me some time.

The books can be found with a search on "Devon Layne". Sorry my little surprise is not a happier one.

EDIT: In answer to some questions regarding name changes, the following are the significant changes from the SOL version to the Kindle version:
Rhonda= Hannah
Donna = Sarah
Joanne= Jessica
Rachel= Rhiannon
Harry (Brian's father)= Hayden
Nona (Brian's mother) = Marilyn
There might be one or two other changes among minor characters, but you aren't likely to notice them. Book 9 includes a comprehensive list of all the characters in LNDtH back to Book 1 along with when they were introduced and any significant characteristics.