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April 7, 2016
Posted at 6:27 pm

Well, things progress. Back on Steroids, my mental and physical state improves. They're decreasing the dosage every week, but it's not till next week that I'm down to the "high" level I was when I left the hospital. I don't know how low the eventual long term maintenance dose will be, but while I tire easily and can have a hard time seeing text, I'm active and writing. So, what's happening?

First, chapter 4 of Have Cane, Will Travel is in editing and should post soon. Two chapters a month, hopefully three, should be the norm but expect no schedule.

Second, my niece is doing painted covers for the Nowy Poland books. Copies of The Spirit of Poland should be at my door in a day or two, and more can be printed if people want them. Drop me a line. I'm reprinting all three books with her art, going over the text and fixing errors while I'm at it. I also will be printing A Servant of Wisdom for the first time.

Third, I'm considering re-writing Wizard of Nowy Poland. Much as with The Waifs, I'm not happy with what was basically the first draft. It'll be a question of how much I dive in and redo it. What time I want to devote to going back into that world. Going over the print versions kinda has me in the mood at the moment.

Laz doesn't like mentions of this kind of thing, but a thanks to the few who support me on Patreon. It's the only support I have at the moment beyond food stamps, and it keeps me on the internet.