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April 4, 2016
Posted at 10:59 pm

An Clochán progress

Unfortunately with today's posting of Chapter 57, postings have caught up with my writing. Chapter 58 is about three quarters complete. An outline noting the key upcoming events has been complete for sometime. My difficulty has been seeing the appropriate path to take. This is compounded by several commitments that need to be addressed. These distractions should be put to bed in a few weeks, well I am reasonably certain that is the case. That is also what I thought a few weeks ago, however the project that appeared to be straight forward had some hidden kinks. So it will now consume more time and effort.

So if the next few weeks go as planned, Chapter 58 should be up well before we plan to celebrate Beltane at the end of April. Also by then, I should be back to posting on a weekly basis. Like in the story I've been writing, it is quite difficult to predict the future.

Hope you all are enjoying the change in season.

Thanks for taking an interest in the story.

Cheers, Cainneach