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April 2, 2016
Posted at 9:21 am

Just submitted part 3 of "Nurse Lucy on the Nightshift" which leaves 9 stories in "yellow line" status. I hope to have them all resolved by the end of April. It has been a big difference from the 115 stories that were in "yellow line" status in early 2015. Somehow, the short story of "My Little Sister's Girlfriend" expanded to over 60K words and almost 100K downloads. I will end it at about 32 chapters. Several readers have told me they like when a story is completed in a short period of time. I can easily understand that from a readers point of view. Unfortunately, I write in an unusual way juggling sometimes 20 or more stories in progress to completion. I am basically a short story writer but have attempted to find ways to write longer stories In the 10K to 20K range and even novellas in the 40K to 60K range and a few novels in the 80K to 110K range. I write under 11 different pennames but Harry Lime is easily the most used on SOL. I want to thank the many readers who take the time to point out errors and conflicts in some of my stories because that helps me to correct my original drafts. At some point when I make a completely new re-write of "The Accidental Spy" I will replace it with the new version. I paid an editor in the UK to help me in this regard and he made several noteworthy suggestions. Most of my writing is not what one would call "Literary" and often breaks rules of grammar. I blame it all on the nuns who tried to break my "left-handed" habit of writing. Just kidding. My UK site now has almost 9 million downloads and I am shooting for 10 million there before the end of calendar year 2016.