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All American Boy

March 30, 2016
Posted at 6:47 pm

'All American Boy'

Chapter 79 has been submitted for posting on SOL

The luau is a hit with the friends and neighbors of Rick
and Bonnie Dalton.

Maelee's step-sisters arrive with their parents and the party
takes on a whole new atmosphere. More like canned-heat!!!


I have been getting a lot of emails lately from readers
on SOL stating that they were unable to access all of my
stories, especially, "All American Boy" which is currently
up for a 2015 Clitorides Award as "Best Incest Story of 2015"

There was a change in the Canadian Laws a few years back
which prohibits stories depicting underage characters
(under the age of 14) involved in sex acts, from being posted online.
Stories which were posted before the new laws went
into effect were not banned, nor were they prohibited from
being continued.
(I am not attempting to quote the law, just the outcome)

Such is the case with "All American Boy"

Due to the content of the first part of my story, which I began
posting on SOL in May of 2007, using the readily available tags
- boy - girl - lolita - characters under 14 years of age - the story
is now being filtered from access on SOL for those readers who do not specifically choose beforehand, to read stories with this kind of content.

It is now up to the individual reader to make that choice.
If you wish to do so at this time, follow these simple instructions....

For readers who are not sure if you're getting Full Access
to ALL the stories posted on Storiesonline, here is a quick fix...

On your 'Home Page' go to 'My Account' @ the very top bar.

Scroll down about three clicks to 'Preferences'

Choose 'Full Access'

Refresh the page or your browser, to enable the changes
to take effect.

IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED in reading these older stories, which
before the laws changed - then ignore these instructions.

Thank you for reading my stories.

Since that day - May 5, 2007 - when I posted
the first chapters of AAB, you, the readers
of Storiesonline, have downloaded my stories
for an amazing - ongoing total of .... 2,370,000

PLUS in 2015 - you, the readers of stories posted on SOL -
voted my story - The Legend of Eli Crow - as "The Best Erotic
Western of the Year", in The 2014 Clitorides Awards.

For these astounding honors, I am truly and sincerely humbled...