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Coming Weeks, Months ... and Years

March 24, 2016
Posted at 1:58 pm

Hello all,

I've gotten many comments about my previous blog posting regarding the process I use for getting a story ready for this site.

I want to offer my thanks to the readers that sent me a message to let me know they'd still be around when the story is ready to post.

I also wanted to assure everyone that I am not taking a three-year respite from the site. I have almost 400 chapters finished on three stories that will fill the time until the final part of Regan and Andy's story is posted.

My next story, "Runaway Train," is already with the editor and should start in the next couple of months. It will run through the end of the year.

The one after that is already written and edited. It will go to the proofers while I post "Runaway Train." I plan to start it in early 2017. It should wrap up by the fall.

The next story is also 90 percent finished. It will carry me up to the start of "Unimaginable Lives" in 2018.

So I'm not going to disappear. I knew that the research and writing for "Lives" would be time-consuming so I tried to work ahead far enough to make sure I'd have at least one novel-length story per year until I got it finished.

I hope that helps to answer some of the questions I've gotten recently.

Best wishes,
Jay C.