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Update on writing efforts

March 24, 2016
Posted at 7:24 am

As you probably already know, I write under a dozen different pen-names but my primary name on SOL is Harry Lime and about 80% of my stories are on the Harry Lime author site. Just submitted chapter 28 of "My Little Sister's Girlfriend" and it is about 60K words at this time. I had originally only intended it to be a 2K to 4K short erotic story. Between this site and one in the UK, it has been downloaded over 250K times considering the fact it is actually a series of 28 short stories about the same characters and in a continuing scenario. It is similar in many respects to my "Sal the Super The Nookie King of the Bronx" which was about the same length and now has almost 400K downloads on only 3 sites.