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March 22, 2016
Posted at 11:39 am
Updated: March 22, 2016 - 12:41 pm

"Goddess" Chapter 12-What's the deal with "Rape" in the title?

Goddess Chapter 12, "The Rape of Persephone," is queued for posting later today, March 22. There's a reason the story does not carry a rape code.

In the 17th century "rape" had a meaning or usage different from the modern one. The most famous depiction of this difference is the 1621 sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the Borghese Gallery in Rome. Check it out. It is absolutely stunning and it's hard to believe that's cold marble instead of warm skin Hades is squeezing. ("Proserpina" is the Roman name for "Persephone.")

What might have happened after the "rape" is another story entirely.