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Doing a Update.

March 16, 2016
Posted at 10:18 am

Classy Conversions has been difficult to find a Editor for. I have gotten lots of notational help from individuals here about my errors, and been downgraded by several who have said to me that "You have poor technical writing".

That was because, until very recently, no one wanted to help tackle the job of the re-write with proper editing and to catch my issues and work with me on it.

I have been recently contacted by a very effective party who I will be crediting with all the editorial updates for the entire universe, as we work through it.

Please be patient, as it is a Lot of work on this and I cannot overtax the offer of the assistance.

So, when this pops up as "New" later this month, take a re-read. It might be a lot more enjoyable with correct typography and a lot less work on the reader.

Thank you all.