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March 13, 2016
Posted at 7:32 pm
Updated: March 13, 2016 - 7:35 pm

My MAC caught a virus: Mackeeper.(If you'll send a million dollars we can fix it) Safari quit and nothing I could do helped. There was this notice that I had trojan horse. and I couldn't close it through normal channels. I had installed Firefox and opened it. Then I could close Safari.

Couple three days of this and I went to Apple and the genius bar. I put the Mac Pro desktop on a set of wheels and a leash and off to Apple we go. They couldn't even start it…nothing.

"You probably need a new hard drive."

"Does it have to be an apple?"

"We don't carry parts for this old of a machine."


"As long as it's a SATA drive you can pick up a terabyte on Ebay for a hundred/"


Trailing my MacPoodle on its leash I limped through the Mall…on Sunday…teen girls!!!

"Isn't that cute!"

"Did you see that guy? He has his computer on a leash! What a weirdo!"


Before I started crying I hooked up everything at home…it worked. Still had the malware, though.

Called the MAC hot line and they made an appointment at the genius bar…in 25 minutes! I took everything…magic box, cords, keyboard, new mouse, monitor. I don't walk so pretty awful good so it took some time.

At the second appointment the genius said I didn't need anything but the box.

"We're using all my stuff including my cables," I said.

Fired right off…the genius said some incantations and played with the boxes. The Keeper was gone.


Now I'm so tired I fell asleep at my desk.