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My Brother's Genie and Twitter

March 13, 2016
Posted at 11:27 am

So as my regular readers know, my next story will be called "My Brother's Genie". They also know that I wrote the first 3 chapters of this several months ago, only to lose them, and then recover the first chapter and a half. I'm currently going through what I currently have, and preparing to continue with it.

I said before I have to alter it in order to get through SexStories insane censorship policies (No under 18s may have sex). What I've decided on, which I hope will be enough, is posting the full thing here, uncensored, while altering the SexStories version to remove all references to the characters' ages. The only references I'd have to leave in are one or two references to school years, but I'm hoping to bank on the SexStories mods' lack of knowledge of the British school system.

On another note, I've set up a Twitter account specifically for my writings. Follow @Drago_Time for updates from me about my stories. (It's not my personal account, which I'm not giving on here, so don't expect a huge amount of tweets.)