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Chapter 374 of Book 3 is in the queue

March 11, 2016
Posted at 3:42 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Charlotte put her mother's tray on the coffee table before she and Diana sat. After chatting for a while, they noticed when the blue glow snapped off as abruptly as it had come on. Within seconds, Ada's eyes opened. Glancing at the others, she frowned and spoke. "Uh, I'm ready."

Diana and Arlene burst out laughing.

"It's been hours, Mom. You've been asleep the whole time, and even missed supper. We brought you a tray, though."

Arlene hurried over to pick up Little One. Prepared to argue, knowing she had not been asleep, Ada slid her feet to the floor and sat up, but as she did so, the slight frown on her face turned into a look of puzzlement. Charlotte stood by her mother's side. "Mom, let me help you." But as Charlotte reached a hand out, Ada shook her head.

"Wait," she quietly said, then came smoothly to her feet, a look of astonishment growing on her face. The astonishment quickly turned into a smile - with a waterfall of tears to go with it.

"Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness," she sobbed over and over. "I don't hurt." Then, as she flexed her legs and moved her arms about, "I don't hurt anywhere, and I can move my arms and legs freely."

Arlene grabbed a stunned Charlotte and hugged her, then did the same for a weeping Ada.

Ada went on. "You have no idea. You have absolutely no idea how good it feels to stand without pain. And look," she declared as she did a deep knee bend, "my body does what I ask it to." There was a moment of silence as she stood completely still.

"What's wrong, Mom?" a concerned Charlotte asked.

Ada stared at her daughter eye to eye. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing," she managed past her tears of joy. "I just feel… I can't remember ever feeling this good. Remember, nothing!" she exclaimed. "I have never felt this good in my whole life. It's just… unbelievable."...

Have a goodun;