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Am I Nicki?

March 10, 2016
Posted at 9:05 pm

After reading Nicki's rant in LNDtH2 about the inequity between the pay of a rookie basketball player and a three-book contract from her publisher, a reader sent me a message asking if I was really Nicki.

I shudder to think it.

Yet, as I told the reader, I'm really all the characters. There's a little bit of me in each one. Even the villains. That doesn't, however, make me a bi-polar, multiple personality, ranting, blonde anarchist with a waxed pussy. But yeah. A lot of what Nicki says comes from somewhere deep inside me. And, of course, a lot of that comes out in Elaine's monologues.

I read an article this morning (something I rarely do) called "12 Things About Being a Woman that Women Won't Tell You". It was published in the UK version of Esquire (8 March 2016) and is by Caitlin Moran. I've never read anything by Caitlin Moran before, but this article sounds like it was written by a British version of Nicki and delivered during an Elaine monologue. It's worth a read.

So there is only one more chapter of Part VIII: Becoming the Storm to go. Part IX: Heaven's Gate will start posting on Wednesday, 16 March, which means that those of us in the Eastern Hemisphere will see it on Thursday morning, 17 March. My sojourn in Asia is giving me a new perspective on time differences. I'll still be in Thailand. I think I'll still be in Chiang Mai. I like it here. In Part IX, Brian becomes a talk show host. Where we've read a lot of Elaine's monologues, now you'll get a chance to read some of Brian's. But as both Elaine and Rhonda say, shaking their heads sadly, "He's not really funny."

So here's a quick update on other stories. "Going for the Juggler", part 3 of the Hero Lincoln Trilogy in the Damsels in Distress universe is complete and in the hands of my editors. It looks good for April release, as promised. I think it is a fun and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and still leaves me room for other adventures if I get inspired again.

I'm about a quarter of the way into a new story. It's my attempt at a Do-Over, believe it or not. Seems like I can't help dabbling in just about every genre. This story is tentatively titled "Not This Time." It has some pretty bizarre twists and I hope you'll enjoy it.

While here in Thailand, I'm scouting locations for a good portion of my new Dag Hamar mystery ( and I'm getting a lot of good material on characters, as well. I'm meeting some great and very interesting people here in Chiang Mai. And the stories abound. How about getting lost while riding on a scooter and being stopped by police who decide (on the spot) that you need to pay a fine for not having an International Driver's License? Dag manages to get off by giving the police officer 500 Baht. His pretty companion says, "How did you do that?" Dag says, "I'm not sure, but I think I promised he could sleep with you."

Okay. It's just a scene, not the whole story.

I think I'll be able to start writing "For Mayhem or Madness" by mid-summer at the latest. Looking forward to it while I travel around Europe by rail.

At the moment, I am still slightly ahead of the daily goal in meeting the 1 Million Word Challenge for 2016. Hey! I write 'em, you gotta read 'em.