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Chapter 373 of Book 3 is in the queue

March 4, 2016
Posted at 2:27 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

..."Shit, Jeff. Shit!" Art growled, slamming an open palm against his thigh. "How long do we just sit and let this asshole take pot shots at us? If you hadn't gotten that hunch and gone to Ada's so fast, she would be dead. And by the way, how did you know he would do that so quickly? Surely, he couldn't have known that Charlotte would just hand me the gun and confess everything. And for that matter, how did he know she hadn't shot me?"

But Jeff was shaking his head. "Look at what he has done so far. I suspect he intended killing Ada from the start. He had no way to know how much Charlotte had told her mother. Charlotte might have told Ada what she had to do. If Ada were dead, she couldn't tell what she knew. Look what he did to Nichols. A fucking explosive necklace, for crying out loud. He likes to kill - or have people killed - I suppose, and he doesn't leave anyone around to talk to the police. Besides, like I mentioned to Diana earlier, he might well have just been cleaning up loose ends. Again, dead people don't talk. No way to trace anything if everybody involved is dead. You can bet that Charlotte would have been next, whether she succeeded in her mission or not."

"But how in the hell could he manage that with her up here?"

Jeff let out a frustrated sigh. "Money. Moreau is a fucking billionaire. In addition to that, he uses intimidation. Do it or die. Do it or your family dies. That kind of thing. That's what he did with Charlotte. You know that."

Art stared at his Prime. "Shit, Jeff," the young agent groused, "sooner or later the bastard is going to hurt or kill my wives, or… yours. The motherfucker needs to die before he manages something terrible. We have enough probable cause for a warrant…" He didn't bother to finish the sentence, knowing what the outcome of trying to serve a warrant on Moreau at his compound would be...

Have a goodun;