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Chapter 372 of Book 3 is in the queue

February 26, 2016
Posted at 3:38 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Charlotte and Ada sat for a moment as Diana's words sank in.

Both mother and daughter were clearly skeptical as they furtively glanced at the other three women. Diana let out a chuckle. "You can say it; we won't get mad."

Ada hesitated. "This is no joke? You're actually telling us that Susan is your mother and Arlene is your daughter?"

"Got it in one," Diana said with a grin.

"But…" Ada began. Then, after studying Susan's and Arlene's faces some more, she continued, tentatively, "Uh, you look maybe twenty, Diana." After turning to Arlene, "I would guess you to be about sixteen or seventeen." Finally, she faced a grinning Susan, "And if I had to guess your age, I would say maybe thirty-one or thirty-two. And… I'm usually pretty good at guessing ages…" She had left the sentence hanging because she didn't want to accuse Diana of lying to her.

Why are they saying this?
Ada wondered. They're obviously sisters. If all three were nearer the same age, they could probably pass for twins, or triplets as the case may be.

"That's what we look like - now. But I'm thirty-one, and Mom is forty-eight." There was shock and a bit of skepticism on both Ada's and Charlotte's faces, but Diana resolutely went on. "Not only will the two of you look younger, Ada, but you can gradually change your appearance until you look, basically, any age you prefer. But expect to look years younger by morning. I imagine that by breakfast, unless you concentrate on a younger age, your apparent age will be something like Susan's, and Charlotte's age will look similar to mine."...

Have a goodun;