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A Little Vanity Would Have Helped a Lot

February 13, 2016
Posted at 4:28 pm

If only I hadn't held myself back from rabidly coming online to check my stats!

I've promised readers (well, at least the one reader who asked) that I'd post new chapters here every Monday. Two weeks ago Monday came and zilch. Then last Monday I seemed to pour out chapters 6-11 in one gout. How did I go from literary constipation to logorrhea?

Technical glitch. You may have noticed that Chapters 6-8 had already been published, buried in "Chapter 5?" Well the automated system didn't see that the one HTML file had 4 chapters in it, so two weeks ago when I tried to publish chapters 9-11, it wouldn't allow it because the chapters were out of sequence. (I now know to include the word "Chapter" along with each chapter heading, so that won't happen again.)

But the folks who run SOL would have helped me figure that out the same day except for the really weird part: Gmail refused to deliver their emails to me. Then a week later, when they must have been about to conclude that I was a clueless moron, Gmail delivered all the emails in one batch. (Oh Gmail faithfully noted that the first one had been sent the day I tried to post and the 2nd a couple days later, etc., but it didn't actually get them to me until last Monday, a week late.)

All thanks are due to Lazeez for trying so many times when I wasn't responding. Once Gmail let his messages get through to me, we got the problem ironed out quickly and he personally split the one massive "Chapter 5" into the proper Chapters 5-8, and posted the new Chapters 9-11. Thank you, Lazeez!

And if I had only given in the first day to my lust to know how my story was doing! As soon as I finally logged on to SOL, before I could do anything else, up popped the message from technical support. I'd have seen it the same day and the problem would have been resolved.

Oh well. Everything is back on track and this coming Monday some exciting scenes are coming as Sally and Lavinia spy on the vampires who have taken over their rolling home. I promise.