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January 23, 2016
Posted at 6:37 pm

I have twice submitted this story in years past only to discontinue it because I was not happy with the end result. It is a complicated story--a story within a story--that, until now I wasn't really qualified to write. Now I feel qualified and am very happy with the first chapter.It was told to me by a woman I met at a writers convention who didn't feel qualified to write it herself. She asked me to.

Hog Wild was told to me by Joanie who, with her sister Katie went on a fling in West Texas. They ended up at a bar that was the territory of a motorcycle gang called the Wreckers. They were kidnapped by the Wrecking Crew and subjected to a weekend long ordeal that the Wrecker's termed as being initiated into their ladie's auxiliary, an "initiation" to which they had subjected over 100 other members over a twenty year period. The story is an example of looking for lust in the wrong places.