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January 18, 2016
Posted at 6:06 am

Sperming... Reposts

As a result of feedback from sharp-eyed readers, whoo advised me of some discrepancies which had crept in over the five years separating the first two stories in this series, I've reviseed and reposted 'Sperming My Girl' and 'Sperming My Nieces'.

One reader had trouble finding them, eventually laying the cause at the door of a filter, though quite what it was filetering, I don't know. Certainly, when I used the 'Find a Story' box on SOL's home page today, it reported that the above were 'not found.'

Their direct web pages are as follows:
'Sperming my Girl' is at
'Sperming my Nieces' is at

Sorry for any inconvenience.