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Final chapters of Visitors uploaded

January 17, 2016
Posted at 1:10 am

The final chapters of Visitors have been uploaded.

A reader wrote to me pointing out what he saw as arithmetical flaws betweeen the ages of the girls and their mother. It's true that giving Selly an age of 31 instead of 30 helps (though whether she got pregnant with Roz at the age of 14 or 15 is a bit moot: both would be illegal in the UK where the Age of Consent is 16). He was also curious about what Dan did for a living, and how did he have the means to buy a hot tub? I can tell you that in Britain, they cost around three to six thousand pounds, so about the price of a second-hand ['pre-owned'] car. Anyway, I said I hadn't included such details because I hadn't seen them as having a bearing on the story.
I hope my omission of them does not spoil your reading pleasure. (You're here for the sex, right, not the family history?)

Hope you enjoy the last two chapters.