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Chapter 366 of Book 3 is in the queue

January 15, 2016
Posted at 11:43 pm
Updated: January 15, 2016 - 11:44 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The volume of the growl increased as Morales wound the seine several times around the wolf's middle, before cinching it tight and tying it at the animal's back. The growling never completely ceased, but was now mostly just a low rumble that expressed Lobo's irritation. It wasn't an "I'm going to kill your ass," growl. After he had the seine secured around the wolf, he worked a rope through the seine and around the wolf to make him a harness. It was crude, but there was no doubt the wolf would not be able to get out of the rig.

When Morales attached the hook of the block and tackle to the makeshift harness, the wolf trembled, obviously understanding what was about to happen to him. "Don't worry, Boy. I will not drop you." He had hooked the top block to the limb above the nest, so it was time to climb again. A few minutes later, he stood with his feet braced on the limbs containing the nest, his climbing strap again securing him if he slipped. Calling down to the wolf to warn him, Morales began to pull Lobo up with the block and tackle. Ten feet above the ground, Lobo whined, then growled. Twenty feet up, he howled, but he didn't thrash around or otherwise distract Morales from his efforts.

When he swung Lobo into the nest, Morales realized the wolf had his eyes closed. There was also a little foam around his muzzle and he was trembling, but… he wasn't making any effort to thwart what the human was doing.

Morales had tried to tie the poles close enough together that the wolf's feet would not go between them, but there were places that weren't perfect due to the poles not being absolutely straight. Of course, Lobo found one of those places immediately, his foot slipping through and his chest hitting the floor of the nest. He yelped, probably in terror of falling, but after pulling his foot out of the crack, he looked at the imperfection in the nest before moving a little to the side and carefully lying down.

"That a boy," Morales said as he hugged his partner. "I knew you could do it. Now just lie still because I have work to do."...

Have a goodun;