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What's up Allen?

January 15, 2016
Posted at 4:41 pm

I received a note that asked that very question and I knew I'd have to reply.So other than twenty or thirty individual emails, here's one.

A couple of days after the New Year my mother-in-law died and it struck the whole family very hard. I know a son-in-law shouldn't like their wife's mother, but Ava was a special woman. We flew over to England. (I happened to marry a woman from Birmingham, as in England, not Alabama;)I returned the beginning of the week, while she stayed behind for a bit. Two funerals in less than a month has drained me. As if to prove it I was sitting at my computer, while my Muse hung out the no vacancy sign. Once I get going again it shouldn't be long before the next chapter comes out. It's mostly done, but it still has a ways to go.If that makes any sense.

We'll get over it, and I will return to writing as soon as I can. I haven't given up - the best parts are yet to come. (in the story and real life)

Allen Wilson