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Narrating a Real Sexual Experience

January 12, 2016
Posted at 9:40 pm

Last week I took my first crack at narrating a real sexual experience.
In the past I've written non-fiction about sex I've had; BDSM in Three Parts has helped a number of subs better understand the role of intent in BDSM. Then there's Sacred Water Sports, which is perhaps more topically appropriate for "Soiled Sheets."

Both of those were hard to right; it's hard to be that naked in front of your readers. It's hard to say that under your real name knowing that you'll run into people who have read your words in all sorts of situations.

However non-fiction provides some distance; I'm not asking the reader to join the experience. I really wanted to share the experience behind Soiled Sheets; the growth that can happen by approaching the taboo and doing something new is amazing to behold. I really wanted to capture that; I wanted to offer that to the world. However I needed to find a way to insulate those involved from exposing their own vulnerability quite that much. Also, I wanted to approach privacy. How do you remove vulnerability when telling a story exactly about that vulnerability?

I had an idea: I could move things to very different characters. Thus, the crusty grampa was born. I'm not that old, nor are any of the folks who I share details about sexuality.

Writing him was fun; he had an interesting voice to find. His imagery and voice are a stretch for me as a writer. I am more good at grammar than that, but I reckon some folks talk different, and grampa sure does:-)

I came up with something I'm proud of. It gets more mixed reviews than my other stories. That's fair enough. However writing "Soiled Sheets," I grew. I also captured the essential core of the experience. I am proud of that. It's quite short so it doesn't take long at all to read. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have to share.