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I am cruel

January 6, 2016
Posted at 1:15 pm

No spoilers. I received a lot of mail since chapter 73 of LNDtH2 posted last night. I'm trying to respond to each one. The recurring theme, however, has been that I am a cruel person. Surprisingly, the comment comes not because of the action in the chapter, but because people have to wait four days for the next chapter.

I have to say that as I drank my double Sapphire gin and washed it down with three or four glasses of wine last night, I was regretting not having scheduled the posting of the next chapter for today instead of Saturday. Can't/won't do anything about that now.

I will say that as surprising as this chapter may have been to you and as devastating as it was for me both to write and then to read, it was planned since the beginning of the Living Next Door to Heaven saga. The event was clear in my mind. The location and the characters involved took shape as the rest of the story evolved. So please do not assume that my story is a response to current events or that I will be on a soapbox advocating one or another position on various issues that always arise from them. That's for you to deal with. All I'm dealing with is the characters that I have grown to love and hate to hurt.

But yes. I am a cruel man.