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Happy New Year... Prepare to be offended!

December 31, 2015
Posted at 4:29 pm

It's your choice, of course. No one has to be offended by anything. But, I've put up my New Year's post on Facebook and if you'd like to go and have whatever your favorite belief is slashed, please go read it.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with comedian Jeff Foxworthy other than he came up with the "You might be..." comedy routine that so many people have added to and parodied much better than I can. My premise: "You might be part of the problem if..." I figure I can offend about 95% of my readers, friends, and followers with this. The other 5% just skim for the sex. They'll come up empty.

In order to preserve the last shred of my personal life, I've elected to put the post on my Facebook page. If you can't reach it and really need to be offended by me, send me a note and I'll email it to you. I'm contemplating using it as the basis for a monologue in a future (distant future) chapter of LNDtH. Let Brian and Elaine take the heat.