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Christmas in the Trailer Park

December 31, 2015
Posted at 2:02 pm

A request - with all the snow, sleet, rain and such - I was thinking it would be fun to seem some fanfiction set at the Buckman trailer park.

Any fans of hard times - especially - writing a short story with some characters you make up or some of the ones from the story - in the trailer park as snow falls and Christmas cums.

It would be interesting if a mom had to work extra hard down at the titty bar this year for Christmas presents for her ungrateful step-son and wife-in-law.

It would be nice to see a few cat-fights break out, some titty slapping and fun in the trailer park.

So hang your stockings and if you don't have any pantyhose will do - put your toilet out on the lawn and write a little something-something about christmas in the trailer park and Santa's naughty and nice list?

Ted said he wants a new mower this year - so he can mow a patch of grass on your ass!