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New Years Resolution

December 26, 2015
Posted at 2:25 pm

As we approach the New Year, I contemplate my resolutions. I usually don't make New Year resolutions. Therefore, I can't fail. This year, however, I think I will make one and see if I can stick to it. I resolve to get up one hour earlier and dedicated at least one extra hour per day to writing.

My head is full of new story ideas, and I need to get them out there. I also need to work on older stories I have never finished or never finished the editing. The only way I see to get this done is to dedicate more time to writing. There are times I don't write when I can - so I will strive to cut that down time and write more. I can't do anything about work time, but I can increase the effort and time I put into writing when I can write.

So here goes, I resolve to work harder at writing stories and getting them published this coming year. Now I feel better and will until the third or the fourth week of the year when I fall back into my old habits.